Steve Nichols

Honeywell is at Le Bourget with a wide variety of displays, demonstrations and informational exhibits from its three space and aviation business units.

As one of the world's biggest suppliers of aviation technologies, Honeywell provides end-to-end integrated systems and service solutions for commercial and military aircraft, airport operations and space.

Its systems are on board virtually every commercial aircraft produced in the Western world and have also been aboard every US manned space flight.

The Honeywell exhibit features information from each space and aviation business unit. The stand itself highlights four theme areas:

Aviation services;

Airport systems;

Primus Epic;

Customer support.

"We're coming to Paris ready to talk about the entire gamut of our offerings to the aviation community," says Mike Smith, president of Honeywell's Commercial Aviation Systems group and acting head of the Space and Aviation Control business.

"We are demonstrating everything from 'free flight' to airport systems, to offering innovative and cost-effective maintenance and support services.

"We're no longer just an avionics supplier - we provide end-to-end integrated systems solutions," he says.

In the military arena, Honeywell experts are on hand to discuss commercial-to-government activities, fighter displays as well as display and digital map products for surface vehicles.

Aviation Services is featuring its Airline Maintenance Operational Support System (AMOSS), Total Aircraft Information System (TAIS), OneLink satcom service and OneView direct broadcast TV service at its module, among other things.

Airport Systems is featuring its Satellite Landing System, airport lighting and controls line of products.

The Primus Epic display features Honeywell's modular cabinet-based architecture which has won business in three different markets: business jet (Hawker Horizon), regional (Fairchild Aerospace 728JET and Embraer ERJ-170 and-190) and helicopter (Bell Agusta AB139). The Primus Epic Control Display System (CDS) brings flat-panel display units into the cockpit of existing aircraft.

In the Customer Support area, Honeywell is featuring its Integrated Support Solutions concept of customised support packages.

Source: Flight Daily News