Thomson-CSF is demonstrating its spectrum airborne surveillance (SAS) system alongside a twin-turboprop F406 Vigilant aircraft.

The SAS system can intercept and localise radio transmissions throughout the civil and defence radio spectrum. The system's radio direction finders cover from 20kHz at the VLF end of the spectrum to 3,000MHz in the microwave region. Its surveillance capability extends from 300kHz to 3,000MHz.

The all-digital SAS system comprises a network of fixed antennas inside the flight deck and technical analysis software that allows it to identify the radio source of any transmission it intercepts.

Thomson-CSF (Rheims Aviation Pavilion, opposite Hall 2B) developed an entirely new network of patch antennae for the SAS system, which it says is a cost-effective, scalable solution for the F406 or similar aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News