Israel Aerospace Industries is again evaluating the Gulfstream G550 as an inflight refuelling asset, but this time as a "complementary platform", or one that will serve during the training of pilots.

The fresh assessment is being made after the company's Bedek unit reached the conclusion that the type is not attractive as a dedicated main tanker. "We are evaluating the G550 or aircraft in the same size category for the missions we identified as needed," says a company source.

Bedek is instead focusing its air-to-air refuelling marketing strategy on the Boeing 767. The unit last month delivered to the Colombian air force its first secondhand example to have been adapted as a tanker/transport. IAI purchased the used 767-200ER and converted it with a hose and drogue refuelling system.

IAI has already adapted G550s for use as airborne early warning and signals intelligence-gathering assets for the Israeli air force. Singapore has also acquired the AEW-roled version for its air force.

Source: Flight International