Flightcom, the Oregon-based maker of the DVR 300i digital voice-recording clock and voice recorder, says that it is negotiating with "several groups" about making the unit standard equipment in a range of general-aviation and commercial aircraft.

The new panel-mounted DVR 300i is already standard on the Piper Aircraft Malibu Mirage, Saratoga and Seneca V. Flightcom is believed to be in discussion with other original-equipment manufacturers, such as Cessna and Raytheon. The company hopes to be able to announce new contracts within the next three months.

The DVR 300i automatically records all headset audio, and uses a replay button which rewinds 5s for immediate playback to verify frequencies, clearances, headings and other air-traffic instructions. Each press of the replay button rewinds a further 5s. The system also has a digital notepad which records other information, such as taxi clearances. A checklist feature additionally stores up to 32 items.

The system also incorporates a timekeeping function which activates as soon as the avionics master switch is turned on.

Source: Flight International