Gulfstream has doubled its product line by rebranding the Galaxy and Astra SPX business jets as the super mid-size Gulfstream 200 (G200) and mid-size Gulfstream 100 (G100), respectively. Their incorporation into the Gulfstream line up follows the acquisition of Galaxy Aerospace earlier this month by Gulfstream parent General Dynamics.


The deal means Gulfstream can meet range requirements from 5,450km (2,950nm) to 12,500km, and allows its customers to progress from medium cabin aircraft to larger types in the Gulfstream range.

The first of the new generation of super mid-size business aircraft to enter service, the G200, has a range of 6,700km at speeds of up to Mach 0.82 and a cruise altitude of up to 41,000ft. The G100 offers 5,450km.

Former co-owner Israel Aircraft Industries will continue to make the G100 and G200 at its Tel Aviv base. The green aircraft will be flown to Gulfstream's completion centre at Alliance Airport, Texas.

Source: Flight International