Galaxy Aerospace is anticipating Israeli certification of the Galaxy business jet by 14 December, with US approval expected a week later.

The company hopes to complete natural icing tests - now under way in northern Europe - before certification to enable the basic approval to include flight into known icing.

But clearance of the thrust reversers will require post-certification work, says Galaxy. European certification will be sought during 1999.

Manufacturer Israel Aircraft Industries plans to deliver the first customer example, aircraft 006, to Galaxy's Fort Worth, Texas, completion centre in February. The first production example, aircraft 005, will be handed over at the same time for use as a demonstrator. The aircraft is being used for function and reliability flight testing.

The company plans to deliver eight Galaxys next year and 15 in 2000, while IAI production of the Astra SPX business jet is expected to continue at about 12 aircraft a year. SPX completions will move to Fort Worth during the first half of next year.

Galaxy has appointed International Corporate and Cargo Services (ICSS) as its sales representative for Mexico and Puerto Rico. Mexico City-based ICCS will be responsible for selling the Galaxy and the Astra SPX mid-sized business jets.

Source: Flight International