Alan Peaford/DUBAI

Galaxy Aerospace is making its first appearance at the Dubai airshow to showcase its Galaxy and SPX high-performance, long-range jets.

The two aircraft were flown in from Galaxy's Texas headquarters, taking in the opportunity for demonstration flights to potential customers in Europe.

The Galaxy and SPX business aircraft are ideally suited for Middle East operations and have taken both a stand and a chalet at the show to have the opportunity to discuss the aircraft's capabilities with potential customers.

"Our two aircraft are the range leaders in the midsize and the emerging super-midsize categories," says Roger Sperry, Galaxy's vice-president of sales and marketing. "Considering the range requirements from the Middle East, we think these aircraft will hold great appeal for operators in the region."

The Galaxy is coming to Dubai outfitted with an eight-place, double-club passenger configuration. This is one of many possible interior layouts with seating arrangements that accommodate from eight to 18 passengers.

With an IFR range of 3,620nm, the Galaxy offers cabin dimensions of considerably more expensive aircraft. Its cabin height is 1.91m (6ft 3in), and cabin width is 2.18m.

The Astra SPX, will also be on display. It is a midsize jet with 2,950nm range. The SPX is the performance leader in the midsize segment. It has excellent short-field, high-density altitude performance capability, allowing it to fly long distances from short, high-elevation runways. It is the payload/range leader in the midsize segment and has the lowest cost of operation. Typical cruise speed for the SPX is .82 Mach, while the maximum speed is .875 Mach.

Source: Flight Daily News