Galileo Avionica (Hall2, D19) is exhibiting its Falco MAE/UAV, a tactical unmanned air vehicle for airborne surveillance, identification, maritime and border patrol, in the display area. Falco can also be used for target identification and classification.

The UAV can operate for up to 14h and carry a 70kg (150 lb) payload, including EOST 45, the integrated multi-sensor FLIR, colour TV, or a laser range finder.

The company is also exhibiting its complete range of airborne equipment on the Finmeccanica stand (Hall 2A, D19).

This includes the ATOS (airborne tactical observation and surveillance), a maritime patrol mission system for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, based on a modular lightweight design


It is also demonstrating its PAR (precision approach radar), which is currently in use in eight countries, with orders placed by a further 50. Available with different antennas for fixed and mobile applications, PAR allows aircraft to land safely in poor light or adverse weather conditions.

In an area dedicated to space products the company is also showing its visible and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIMS-V), developed for the Cassini-Huygens space mission.

VIMS-V has provided two-dimensional, high spectral resolution images of Saturn's rings and the atmosphere of Titan.


Source: Flight Daily News