Garmin is warning operators that a wide range of its integrated flightdeck products could experience "momentary interruptions" of attitude and heading information for as long as 45s, a condition the company says has existed since 2004.

Affected are the attitude heading and reference systems (AHRS) or air data computer units with certain software loads in the G1000 and G1000-based systems, which include the integrated avionics for Embraer's Prodigy system in the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300. Other business aircraft using G1000-based systems include the Cessna Mustang and Cessna Caravan.

Garmin said that until a new system software load is released, there is a "limited possibility" the affected units could experience a "momentary interruption" once every 90 operating hours. Affected primary flights displays would show a red "X" for up to 2s in the affected data field, which could include attitude, heading, slip/skid, airspeed, altitude or vertical speed.

The error could also cause the autopilot to disengage and leave attitude and heading data blanked for up to 45s to accommodate a reset of the AHRS, said Garmin in a 19 May service advisory.

Source: Flight International