Garrett Aviation Services has acquired Sierra Industries' programme to re-engine early Cessna Citations with William Rolls FJ44 turbofans. The companies teamed in June last year to market the $1.75 million conversion, which was certificated by Sierra earlier in 2002.

The FJ44 Eagle II programme modifies the Citation 500/501SP series with the Sierra-developed Eagle wing performance enhancement and replaces the original Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15Ds with 2,300lb-thrust (10.2kN) FJ44-2As. The conversion boosts maximum speed to 400kt (740km/h), increases climb rate and service ceiling, reduces fuel consumption and extends range to 3,700km (2,000nm).

Garrett, which was already offering the FJ4 Eagle II upgrade through its US service centre network, has purchased Sierra's supplemental type certificates for the Eagle modification, FJ44 retrofit and other related Citation improvements.

Source: Flight International