Garrett Aviation Services is flight testing reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) avionics suites for a 'classic' Dassault Falcon upgrade which is due to be certificated by the end of the year.

RVSM capability reduces the vertical separation needed above 29,000ft (9,000m) from the 2,000ft minimum to a 1,000ft minimum.

Arizona-based Garrett says the RVSM supplemental type certification (STC) will cover two compliance packages, the final application being dependent on autopilot configuration. Falcon 10s and 100s with an APS-80 autopilot will be equipped with a Rockwell Collins RVSM-compliant system comprising the present air data computer, plus a new ADC-87A air data computer for the co-pilot. Also added will be a digital altimeter and a 50mm (2in) standby altimeter. Garrett says provisioning and installation work has already been completed for the Collins suite.

The second compliance package is applicable only to Falcon 10s fitted with an AP-105 autopilot. These aircraft will be offered with a suite developed by Malvern, Pennsylvania-based Innovative Solutions and Systems (IS&S) consisting of two air data display/ altimeters, an air data sensor and a 50mm standby altimeter.

The flight tests are being performed using a mix of five Falcon 10s and 100s, and could result in an STC as early as the end of September. Garrett believes as many as 200 aircraft could be candidates for the retrofit.

Garrett has also obtained a similar STC covering the provision of Collins equipment for a Gulfstream II RVSM retrofit. and is finalising a second STC covering the Cessna Citation family with IS&S equipment.

Source: Flight International