Indonesian national carrier Garuda Indonesia has reissued a tender seeking aircraft for lease and added two types of freighters to the list.

Chairman of Garuda’s aircraft procurement committee, Yudi Fadjari, says the carrier has failed to secure any aircraft on lease as a result of the tender it issued earlier this year.

The earlier tender was for Boeing 737-300/400s on three- to five-year dry-leases, 737-800s on seven- to eight-year dry-leases and Boeing 777-200ERs on five-year dry-leases.

It has now reissued the tender and says the 737-300/400s must have a build year no earlier than 1990.

Fadjari says Garuda is talking to CIT and GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS) about some of the 737-300/400s that are now available for lease from the fleet of Adam Air, the Indonesian carrier that shut down late last month.

Adam Air had a fleet of 23 737s but Fadjari says only five are suitable because the rest were built before 1990.

“ATA is going to Chapter 11 so I will be calling them” about aircraft that may be available for lease, adds Fadjari, referring to the US carrier that a few days ago filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Garuda currently has 36 737-300/400/500s and four 737-800s, according to Flight’s ACAS database. Fadjari says it also has two 737-800s on wet-lease but the lease on the wet-leased aircraft expires later this month.

While Garuda has had problems finding passenger aircraft available for lease, it has had more success in its search for freighters.

He says Garuda is talking to Spanish carrier Futura about leases on two 737-300 freighters and it is talking to Icelandic carrier Air Atlanta Icelandic about leases on two Airbus A300-600 freighters. Garuda currently operates no freighters and in the past it has tried unsuccessfully to get 737-300 freighters.

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