ACSS  has been selected to supply its T2CAS and XS-950 air transport data link transponder (TADL) to GB Airways for its 14 new Airbus A320 aircraft that are on order. Deliveries are due to commence later this year. This latest order brings the total number of T2CAS customers to almost 60 – recent orders including contracts from Skybus (65 Airbus A320s), Go Air (20 Airbus A320s) and Qatar (six Airbus A320s).

T2CAS combines a terrain awareness system (TAWS) with the ACSS traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS 2000). Kris Ganase, ACSS president, says: “We’re pleased with how well the aviation community has responded to our TCAS, TAWS and transponder products.” T2CAS is now being proposed as a supplier-furnished equipment (SFE) option on all Airbus; long-range, single-aisle and wide-body aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News