Groen Brothers Aviation (GBA) is continuing flight tests of a larger gyroplane as it seeks government customers for its four-seat Hawk 4, certification of which has been delayed by funding problems.

The Revcon 6G, a modified Cessna 337 Skymaster, is intended as a technology demonstrator for a planned family of ultra-short take-off and landing aircraft ranging from small, unmanned air vehicles to 50-seat airliners.

The aircraft has entered flight testing at GBA's Buckeye,Arizona, test centre. The Skymaster piston twin was modified by removing the outer wing panels and rear engine and installing a twin-blade rotor, rear loading door and replacing the forward engine with a turboprop. GBA says goals include demonstration of a gyroplane able to carry a 1t payload from short, rough strips and cruise at 105kt (195km/h).

The tests are part of GBA's plans to produce a range of civil and military gyroplanes by modifying already certificated fixed-wing aircraft.

Source: Flight International