GE Aviation has acquired Washington-based Naverus, a 60-employee company that develops required navigation performance (RNP) and other performance-based navigation services for airlines and others.

Founded in 2003 by an entrepreneur and two Alaska Airlines pilots, Naverus to date has deployed hundreds of RNP procedures worldwide, including to terrain challenged airports in Tibet and New Zealand. Alaska Airlines was the first carrier to use Naverus-developed RNP procedures in southeast Alaska in 1996.

The two companies in the past have collaborated to develop performance-based navigation (PBN) procedures, which can help airlines reduce flight time, carbon emissions and community noise on both approach and departure, using GE's flight management systems.

Officials say Naverus' RNP technology is "fundamental" to the transition from existing ground-based, voice-controlled air traffic management to time- and space-based digital systems.

"GE is committed to delivering solutions that help our customers operate aircraft more efficiently, with reduced environmental impact," says Lorraine Bolsinger, president and CEO of GE Aviation Systems. "The acquisition of Naverus brings some of the best PBN technology to GE Aviation's Systems business, further expanding our commitment to deliver environmental results for our customers."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news