GENERAL ELECTRIC plans to make the first test run of its growth GE90, the 410kN (92,000lb)-thrust -92B, on 11 October at its Peebles site in Ohio. The US company hopes to start flight tests, in August 1996.

The higher-thrust version will power higher-gross-weight, longer-range 777-200s, the first of which is scheduled for delivery to British Airways in December 1996. The -92B will incorporate materials changes in the low-pressure turbine, increased cooling in the high-pressure turbine, and changes to the high-pressure compressor.

The company maintains that the first GE90-powered Boeing 777 will be handed over to British Airways on 28 September, although it not ready to be delivered to the UK. Because of the hold-ups on the certification programme, however, it now plans to begin extended-range twin-operations (ETOPS) tests in October, and to complete the programme in February 1996.

Source: Flight International