General Electric has clarified that a water injection system for the GE9X turbofan engine may still be among the options being considered.

GE Aviation is still studying the “right technologies” for the GE9X that will power the Boeing 777X.

“It is too early to comment on the findings from the trade studies, which are continuing,” GE says.

That statement softens the company’s message from 20 September, when the company replied that it had “no plans” to use a water injection system for the GE9X.

Boeing has said that it is premature to discuss specific technologies that will be required for the GE9X.

The possibility of a water injection system on the GE9X, an unusual feature for a modern turbofan, was first broached by Emirates chief executive Tim Clark.

Speaking in an interview with Flightglobal, Clark said that he understood that the GE9X may not be able to operate in hot environments such as Dubai without a water injection system.

Such a system would be used as an additional cooling stream, Clark says.