GE Aviation Czech has received research grants from the Czech Government to assist the firm in incorporating advanced technologies into a new derivative of the Walter M601 engine, the H80.

Valued at roughly $4 million (70 million CZK), the grants will be used by the GE Aviation subsidiary for H80 development work in cooperation with the Czech government's Czech Aeronautical Research and Test Institute. The engine will feature advanced materials and new features such as an axial compressor blisk to reduce weight and parts count while enhancing engine performance.

Prague-based GE Aviation Czech says the H80 will deliver more shaft-horsepower, improved fuel efficiency and increased temperature margin, enhanced hot-day takeoff performance and high-altitude cruise speeds. The engine will also feature an extended overhaul interval of 3,600 flight-hours and 6,600 cycles.

The grants are the first that the Czech government has allotted to the company, which was formed after GE Aviation acquired Czech manufacturer Walter Engines last year as part of its strategy to gain a foothold in the small twin-engine turboprop aircraft market.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news