General Electric is developing a stronger production-standard fan containment system for the GE90-115B for the Boeing 777-200LR/300ER. It will replace the heavy Kevlar/fibreglass composite wrap developed as a temporary modification to allow Boeing to complete the aircraft test and certification programme. The containment system was reinforced as a precaution following the results of blade-off tests in a rig in the UK last October.

GE advanced engine programmes general manager Mike Benzakein says the UK test "showed we had a crack in the GE90 fan case, so we decided we were going to fix that even before the 27 December [full engine blade-off test], which was one of the cleanest blade-out tests we ever did". The long-term solution is expected to be a thicker aluminium case forging says Benzakein, who adds: "We are looking at something we can do quickly."

Source: Flight International