GEC-MARCONI PLANS to test-fly its improved multi-mode Super Skyranger radar by mid-1996, installed in a modified Chengdu F-7M Airguard fighter.

The system is a further development of GEC-Marconi's Skyranger ranging radar, already in service on the Chinese F-7. The Super Skyranger is intended as a low-cost direct replacement for the earlier system, and can be retrofitted to either the F-7 or Mikoyan MiG-21.

The Super Skyranger incorporates a redesigned signal processor and transmitter, with new planar-array antennae capable of scanning ±30¡. It uses an ARINC 429 serial, with the option of being hooked up to a 1553 multiplex databus.

The radar will provide target-range, range-rate and line of sight and can be optimised for head-up display or weapon-aiming computer. Multi-mode capabilities include air-to-air ranging.

Source: Flight International