R44 Milestone

Robinson Helicopter has delivered the 3,000th R44 light helicopter thirteen years after the first production model rolled off the assembly line. The aircraft was sold by Robinson dealer Segrave Aviation to a private individual. The four-seat R44 was developed in the mid-1980s to fill the void between two-seat helicopters and costly multi-passenger turbine aircraft and is available in four configurations –Police, Newscopter, Clipper, and Instrument flight rules trainer.

Groen up

Groen Brothers Aviation (GBA) subsidiary American Autogyro has established a dealership in the Philippines, bringing the company’s dealer network to seven. Called Gyroplane Rotorcraft, the company will market the two-seat SparrowHawk II to the Philippines military, police agencies, delivery services and private citizens. “Establishing the Philippine market will greatly complement GBA’s efforts as they continue their expansion into the Pacific Rim and Asian Market,” says the company.

Coastal vision

US Coast Guard search and rescue helicopters are to be equipped with the Elbit Systems Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System/Head Up Display (ANVIS/HUD). EFW, an Elbit Systems of America company, has been awarded multiple contracts valued at $815,000 to supply the system, which is designed to enhance pilots’ ability to identify vessels and complete search and rescue missions, and will become standard on Coast Guard Eurocopter HH-65 and Sikorksy HH-60J helicopters. The ANVIS/HUD boosts situational awareness and safety by allowing the pilot to fly “head out of the cockpit” during night operations and by projecting critical flight information into the night vision goggles view. The electro-optical system has been in operational use since the mid-1990s with the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps and Air Force helicopter pilots.

Source: Flight International