The fastest piston single is 5kt (9km/h) faster after Mooney refined aerodynamics on the Acclaim. The $599,500 Acclaim Type S reaches 242kt with 280hp (210kW) from its Teledyne Continental Motors IO 550-G. "The Type S has benefited from a series of refinements that, by themselves, wouldn't appear to be significant, but, taken together, have notably increased its performance," says Mooney.


Yingling Aviation is in November set to deliver the 100th Cessna 182T Skylane for the Civil Air Patrol. The aircraft are modified for search and rescue operations with specialised communications equipment including two Garmin GMA-1347 audio panels, a Technisonic TDFM-136 FM transceiver for direct communication with law enforcement entities, a Becker DF-517 Direction Finder, and an optional Artex 110-406 emergency locater transmitter.

Source: Flight International