General Dynamics UK (GDUK) has teamed with MBM Technology and WL Gore to develop the Raider (Replacement Advanced Intelligent Dual Ejector Rack) bomb carrier. Raider, unveiled at the show, is designed to carry two smart, 1760-databus compatible weapons of up to 500kg (1,100lb) each. MBM is providing the carriage unit, WL Gore the cabling and GDUK the electronic controls.

Hastings-based GDUK says the unit provides more flexibility by increasing the variety and number of weapons each platform carries, which can reduce the number of aircraft required for a mission. By mixing the weapons, different types of target can be attacked on the same sortie, adds the company.

Raider is compatible with all NATO lugs, says GDUK, and "supports all electrical umbilical positions". This provides a flexible interface and makes the carrier interoperable across a range of aircraft types, says the company.

Source: Flight International