Germany's Technoflug has completed flight testing its Carat single-engined motorised glider and is on target for European JAR 22 certification by the end of the year.

The all-composite aircraft has clocked up more than 300 flying hours, says the Rottweil, Germany-based manufacturer, and is expected to make its public debut at the Aero 99 general aviation show in Friedrichshafen in March.

"We want to stay away from taking orders at this stage," says Technoflug manager Tom Dietrich. "It is more important for us to assess the market to see how much demand there will be."

The company is targeting flying clubs and private individuals and is confident the aircraft will be well-received. "We are tooled up to manufacture 30 aircraft a year and we expect to sell around 350 Carats in 10 years," adds Dietrich. The aircraft will be manufactured at Technoflug's Rottweil site.

The DM140,000 ($85,000) low-wing aircraft is powered by a Volkswagen Sauer 1.8l engine, which provides a maximum cruise speed of 135kt (250km/h) and a range of 1,100km (600nm).

Technoflug intends to restrict marketing of the motorised glider within Europe initially, but the company plans to expand into the USA later.

Source: Flight International