The German civil-aviation authority has awarded type certification to the Extra Flugzeugbau E400 tourer.

The certification meets FAR part 23 standards, but does not yet cover the all-composite six-seater's pressurised cabin, or operations under instrument flight rules (IFR)or in icing conditions. These points will be dealt with progressively, and the company expects IFR flight and the pressurised cabin to be cleared this year.

Extra says that it will manufacture five E400s by the end of the year. Four pre-series aircraft have already been sold, while the fifth will replace the current prototype in flight testing. The first prototype will then be used for structural tests on the ground.

The company says that it has extended the range of the aircraft by increasing its fuel capacity to 680litres, compared with the original 460litres. The aircraft is powered by a Teledyne Continental TSIOL-550-A piston engine rated at 261kW (350hp) giving it a 243kt (450km/h)cruise speed and a maximum speed of 259kt.

Extra has also begun flight testing a new variant of its Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft, the Extra 330. The aircraft is driven by a 246kW Lycoming IO-540 engine.

Source: Flight International