The German aviation authority LBA is to certificate a Rotax-powered Cessna 150 upgrade with a Hoffmann constant-speed propeller by June, says the propeller manufacturer.

The upgrade is to be offered by German engineer Guido Sperl at a target price of DM50,000 ($32,000). Hoffmann says that the new engine and propeller can be installed within 40h, giving the aircraft a substantial fuel efficiency boost and making it quieter.

US Federal Aviation Administration certification to FAR part 23 standards is expected by the end of this year, says Hoffmann.

The new powerplant is the 60kW (83hp) Rotax 912F3, built by Bombardier subsidiary Rotax in Austria. Although the 150's original Continental engine was rated at 75kW, it could not generate maximum power on take-off.

Noise levels for the upgraded Cessna have been measured at 69.9dB(A) according to chapter VI test standards - with the aircraft at full power, 1,000ft (300m) above the test point. This is some 6dB(A) below LBA requirements.

Hoffmann says that the new engine will also run on regular unleaded car fuel, whereas the older powerplant required 100 octane avgas.

Sperl plans to focus on the European upgrade market before promoting the aircraft in the USA.

Source: Flight International