Attendees to Aircraft Interiors Expo Asia can enjoy instant access to the thought leadership that is driving the latest innovations in cabin technology. Three days of open forums contain a packed programme of interior sessions.

Today’s event is themed around the OEM point of view, and starts this morning with Airbus aircraft interiors marketing director Joseph Debacq, who will examine how the A380 has affected cabin design in terms of comfort, efficiency and services. Debacq will illustrate how these three ‘Cabin Vision Pillars’ are embodied on the new ‘superjumbo’ and will share feedback from those who have travelled on board interior test flights.

Alan Anderson, chief engineer payload systems of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) will explore cost reduction opportunities, particularly those reached by increasing standardisation across suppliers. Anderson will attempt to answer the question: can airframers and component suppliers work together to reduce maintenance costs for airlines? He will also investigate how this can be achieved without compromising the meaningful uniqueness of aircraft.

Klaus Brauer, BCA’s director, passenger satisfaction and revenue, looks at the gulf between business and economy-class products in the majority of airlines and how airlines are moving to fill the gap without premium-economy class cannibalising business class. Braeur will outline some of the revenue maximising options that exist.

Following on from the Boeing speakers, Airbus’ Ingo Wuggetzer, vice-president, cabin innovation and design, underlines why it is the airframer’s prime role to deliver a flexible cabin platform that allows airliners to customise cost-effectively the passenger’s onboard experience. Wuggetzer will also explore an airline and passenger-driven approach to anticipate future needs and drive innovation through modular product concepts.

Finishing the day’s programme, Bombardier’s Benjamin Boehm, director program management and marketing, will talk about the Canadian aircraft maker’s design strategies for small single-aisle aircraft. While the industry has been focused on twin-aisle product development and interior design, visitors will gain insight to Bombardier's latest developments in cabin amenities targeted to meet the needs of the single-aisle market.

Tomorrow’s Open Forum will focus on airline considerations and recent case studies and Wednesday will look at the importance of brand, design and completion. See tomorrow’s Flight Daily News for the full story.

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Source: Flight Daily News