The launch of the Galileo In-Orbit Validation Element (GIOVE)-B satellite has been delayed again, to early 2007, following problems with testing.

GIOVE-B was to have been launched in April this year, because the European project had to broadcast on the Galileo frequencies by June to ensure the International Telecommunications Union allocated the frequencies to the satellite constellation.

But the success of GIOVE-A in transmitting on those frequencies in the first quarter led to the launch of GIOVE-B being postponed to September. Then it was delayed to December. It is currently under test at Alcatel Alenia Space Italy in Rome. "There is a delay. We need to look at the next launch slot and that will be early next year," says a Galileo Industries source. Galileo Industries is the European joint venture building GIOVE-B and includes Alcatel Alenia Space.

Source: Flight International