Mahindra Group aircraft manufacturer GippsAero conducted the first flight of its GA10 earlier this month. The 10-seat, multi-role, single turboprop flew for 20min from GippsAero's Latrobe Regional Airport base in eastern Victoria, Australia.

The Rolls-Royce 250-powered aircraft, which is based on the manufacturer's GA8 Airvan utility aircraft, circled the airport several times and conducted a low approach and go-around during its first flight.

"The first flight was a great success as it showed that the GA10 retained the inherent stability and docile flying qualities of the successful GA8," says engineering and projects manager Gerhard Jordaan.

"The first flight has shown that the GA10 design has great potential to meet the objectives of the development and certification flight-test programme, which will now continue towards the planned CASA [Civil Aviation Safety Authority] type approval in 2013," he adds.

The prototype has now embarked on an intensive programme of static and flight tests towards certification. Customer deliveries are scheduled for the first half of 2013, with the manufacturer set to announce details of a deposit programme shortly.

Source: Flight International