Telephonics' APS-143 radar has been selected by GKN Westland for the Lynx naval helicopters being offered to South Africa.

South Africa selected GKN Westland to supply four naval Lynx in 1998 but last year failed to sign a deal as it struggled to pay for a massive re-arming programme, which included fighters, advanced trainers and naval vessels. The helicopter competition could now be re-opened.

Other systems - including electronic support measures, forward looking infrared, datalink and radios - will be sourced locally by the helicopter builder. The country also requires a major industrial offset deal as part of the deal.

If the purchase proceeds, Telephonics will supply five radars, with the additional unit used for training and as a spare. Lynxs are normally equipped with versions of the BAE Systems Seaspray radar.

As part of the offset requirement Telephonics has signed memoranda of understanding with five South African companies. Potential work includes maintenance of other Telephonics products.

Source: Flight International