GKN Westland Helicopters has signed a £50 million ($75 million) contract with the UK Ministry of Defence to supply the collective training system (CTS)for the WAH-64 Apache.


The CTS allows 16 Apaches to train together and attack a range of targets with real or dummy munitions. The range less combat training system uses a combination of GPS satellite navigation data and radio transceivers to create a "network across a 'battle area'".

Radio signals simulate the Apache's weapons, including air-to-ground missiles, rockets and the 30mm chain gun as well as the offensive and defensive weapons of ground units. An exercise control unit monitors and records each mission for subsequent analysis of the operation.

Meanwhile, the first UK-built WAH-64 Apache was handed over to the MoD last month. The first machine, delivered to the Army Air Corps in April, was one of eight WAH-64s to be built by Boeing at its Mesa, Arizona factory. Westland will assemble 59 WAH-64s, a Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322-powered version of the AH-64DApache Longbow.

Source: Flight International