Bombardier's new entry into the super-large business jet sector, the Global 5000, has proven its range capability with a 8,919km (4,816nm) non-stop intercontinental flight from San Francisco to London to make its Farnborough debut.

According to Bombardier, the flight sets a new standard in the super-large business jet class. The test aircraft left San Francisco at 21.15 PDT on Friday and arrived at Farnborough at 14.44 GMT.

Following its direct climb to 12,500m (41,000ft) it cruised mostly at Mach 0.85, but slowed upon entry into European airspace as the aircraft does not yet have RVSM approval.

The Global 5000 was awarded full type certification on July 15 by the European Aviation Safety Association (EASA). EASA granted type approval to JAR Part 25, up to Change 14.

Source: Flight Daily News