Graham Warwick/MONTREAL

BOMBARDIER IS conducting flight-test readiness reviews on the first Global Express long-range business jet. The first flight is on schedule for September, says Bombardier Aerospace executive vice-president, engineering, John Holding. Final safety-of-flight reviews are planned for late August.

Final assembly of the second of four Global Express flight-test aircraft is already under way at Bombardier de Havilland in Toronto, Canada. The static-test article, is being prepared for limit loading testing, scheduled to begin in early August at Canadair in Montreal. Testing of the fatigue-test article is to begin in early 1997, also in Montreal.

Holding says that the first Global Express, aircraft 90001, will be delivered to Bombardier's flight-test centre at Wichita, Kansas, in October 1996, after around 25h testing at Toronto. The aircraft is expected to have its debut at the US National Business Aircraft Association show in November.

System-functionality tests with the first aircraft are planned for July, followed by ground engine-runs in mid-July. BMW Rolls-Royce has delivered flight-test BR7210 engines, which have been installed. Ground-vibration tests are planned for early August, leading to low- and high-speed taxi tests in late August, with roll-out on 25 August.

Holding says that the Global Express programme is "on schedule, on budget and on track for a first flight in September 1996."

Source: Flight International