Israeli armament development authority Rafael has been selected to supply the propellent tanks and thrusters for 48 Globalstar 2 communication satellites to be launched from 2012.

Rafael's space systems directorate was selected over US and European manufacturers by spacecraft prime contractor Alcatel Alenia Space. Rafael has previously won the contract to supply propellent tanks and thrusters for Europe's 28 Galileo navigation satellites. The company is also the supplier of thruster systems for the Israeli Ofeq and Eros imaging satellites.

The Globalstar 1 constellation consists of 40 low-Earth orbiting satellites, providing voice and data communication services. There are an additional four satellites in orbit as spares and eight more are to be launched this year to maintain the constellation.

Deliveries of the second-generation Globalstar 2 satellites are to begin in 2009.

Globalstar 1 
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Forty satellites make up the Globalstar 1 constellation


Source: Flight International