A GoAir Airbus A320 aircraft parked at the Mumbai airport was badly damaged yesterday when a bus rammed into its nose.

The incident happened at around 4.30am local time when an unattended Jet Airways bus hit the aircraft which was parked on the tarmac. No one was onboard.

"There was no injury to any GoAir customer or personnel due to the incident. The aircraft however has to be temporary withdrawn from service due to significant damaged incurred and may be grounded for several days," said the Indian low-cost carrier in a statement.

"A detailed investigation of the damages is in progress," it added.

Media reports in India said that the bus' brakes were not applied, which resulting in it sliding back and striking the aircraft's nose.

The airline had to cancel three flights and delay four others because of the incident.

GoAir operates a fleet of 11 A320-200s, all of which are on lease.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news