Gogo has struck a multi-year agreement with Intelsat to expand its Ku-band broadband satellite capacity on transoceanic routes starting in early 2013.

The multi-year contract covers multiple transponders on four satellites, which will provide connectivity in parts of the Atlantic and northern Pacific oceans, as well as over the South America, Asia, Africa and Australian continents.

Three of these satellites - Intelsat 19, 21 and 22-have already launched. The remaining satellite, Intelsat 27, will be added in early 2013 to cover the North Atlantic region.

Delta Air Lines was the first customer to sign up for Gogo's new transoceanic Ku-band service and plans to start offering the high-bandwidth internet service in 2013. The carrier plans to outfit more than 1,000 long-haul, international aircraft by 2015.

Gogo says it continues to have a memorandum of understanding with satellite operator SES for Ku-band satellite coverage across the continental US, the Atlantic Ocean region and Europe. The connectivity provider says that the Intelsat capacity will complement this coverage by widening its Ku-band network to more regions.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news