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Herb Kelleher As the Southwest Airlines chairman passed his baton to his chief executive Gary Kelly, the carrier's 5,600-member pilots association didn't mince words: "Herb Kelleher developed the model for operating a successful airline." Association president Capt Carl Kuwitzky added: "His 38 years of innovation, leadership and positively outrageous service are something to truly commend. It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of his aviation legacy."




Barry Michaels 
Barry Michaels
US transport regulators said they would deny launch clearance to Las Vegas-based Family Airlines, which wants to start Boeing 747 service to major US cities, unless its dumps its chief executive by 13 June. Michaels, who served 15 months at a federal prison camp for security and tax violations, is running for US Congress from Nevada. He is not proud of his past - but is telling voters his experience as an "ex-felon" makes him a better candidate.

Source: Flight International