Good Week

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BOMBARDIER If Airbus and Boeing do not move to replace their narrowbody platforms the CSeries "appears to have a wide-open market" in the 100- to 150-seat range, says industry consultant Michael Boyd. Boyd, speaking at his annual aviation summit in Aspen, forecasts 2009-18 global demand for 13,401 new airliners, including 2,526 in the 101- to 125-seaters and 4,486 aircraft - or 33.5% of total demand - in the 126- to 180-seat range.


Bad Week

Bad Week - The American Way
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THE AMERICAN WAY Socialism is alive and well in the Wall Street bail-out scheme and protectionism seems safe from Open Skies. Air Transport Association head James May predicts no loosening of cabotage restrictions "in the next or any ensuing Congresses". Some might argue that a US-Europe trade deal could usefully expose domestic carriers to new competitors, but America knows free markets work - as long as they do not disadvantage Americans.

Source: Flight International