Airbus has picked Goodrich to supply the primary and standby air data systems (ADS) for its A380 ultra-large airliner. This strengthens Goodrich's position on the project, and brings the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company's potential revenue from the A380 programme to over $6 billion.

The ADSs are based on Goodrich's SmartProbe air data architecture in use on military, regional and business aircraft. The company will deliver the first prototype units to the Airbus integration laboratory in September.

The primary and back-up systems will provide air data information. The system incorporates integrated multifunction sensing probes, pressure sensors and a processing capability. By using this philosophy, says Goodrich, "the number of discrete sensor installations is reduced, reliability is significantly improved, and overall weight and drag are lowered".

Goodrich has also been selected to supply the A380's primary and secondary conventional and electro-hydraulic flight-control systems and a variable frequency electrical power system. The A380 will be the first large commercial aircraft to use variable frequency power. The system is being developed by Aerolec, a Goodrich/ Thales joint venture.

Goodrich will also supply the cargo-handling system; the body and wing main landing gears; evacuation systems; pylon aft fairings and rear secondary structure; and exterior lighting components, plus the centre and rear fan case sections, fuel-delivery systems and engine sensor suite for the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine option.


Source: Flight International