Rockwell Avionics & Communications has signed a co-production agreement with the Russian State Research Institute for Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS), for the production and testing in Moscow of components for the Collins traffic-alert and collision-avoidance system (TCAS).

Under the agreement, GosNIIAS will produce key modules of the Collins TPR-900 transponder. The transmitter, receiver, power supply and chassis will be produced in Moscow, and then shipped to the USA for assembly.

The agreement follows a deal in September 1996 between Rockwell, GosNIIAS and Elara in Cheboksari, to design and manufacture the various avionics for the Ilyushin Il-96M/T.

Rockwell-Collins and Aeroflot Russian International Airlines will open a joint avionics test centre by year-end, says Collins. The centre will be at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, and will start up with the installation of a Collins TVI-900 automated test station.

Source: Flight International