If you need state-of-the-art software for airline GPS, make your way to the Jeppesen stand in Hall 4/ D3.

The Jeppesen OnSight offers aircraft tracking, flight planning and weather analysis either individually or as a fully integrated package.

The first ground-based systems were installed last year and are being used by numerous airlines including Crossair, Euro Wings, United Airlines and South West Airlines.

Future modules for the system are planned and include electronic flight following/flow board, runway analysis and crew scheduling.

Also on view is Jeppesen Maintenance Information Services which offers maintenance manuals, parts lists, procedures and wiring diagrams as streamlined, electronic databases.

The information can be transferred electronically or can be provided on disk or CD ROM. This system allows three books to be open on screen at once. They are also synchronised so that, for example, as you read about wiring details, the wiring diagram comes up on screen, making life quicker and easier. Topic or key word access allows rapid information retrieval

The contracts for this service are ongoing which means that all changes are updated on the files - keeping people up-to date.

JeppView, the Jeppesen airway manual now available on CD-ROM, consists of full colour, high resolution charts which can be found on one disk, and allows any chart to be printed.

The CD ROM includes Jeppesen Approach Charts, SID, STAR and airport charts along with airport information, legend and chart NOTAMS plus paper Enroute and Area charts.

Source: Flight Daily News