Sir - My son, Thomas Kowald, was killed on 21 May, 1995, off the coast of Portugal. He wanted to take a Cessna 310Q on a ferry flight from Florida to Austria, and had a fatal accident off the Portuguese coast.

I wish to highlight the large number of fatal accidents in the course of such flights, in the hope of saving other peoples' lives. Only a year after my son's accident, Clark Woodward, who was an experienced ferry pilot with more than 300 Atlantic crossings, had a fatal accident off the Azores.

As such flights are carried out with only one pilot on board there is no chance of surviving a ditching.

I suggest, therefore, that:

- two pilots, with emergency equipment (such as parachute, dinghy, electronic locator transmitter and food) must be on board. Most importantly, there should be a security mechanism at the door latch, so that the door can be opened while the aircraft is in flight;

- pilots who land, overtired after perhaps 9-10h of flying should be prohibited from taking off again.

Restrictive measures such as these could save lives and I ask for such provisions to be made.

Josef Kowald

Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

Source: Flight International