Griffon has unveiled the extended-range Outlaw UAV, which is on display at AUVSI.

The new version, called Outlaw ER, extends the vehicle's endurance to 8-10h from 4h. The modification requires a new, shorter fuselage, and the wings have been moved from a mid-fuselage configuration to a top fuselage.

"Several years ago we created a boom tail version of our standard Outlaw," said Griffon CEO Larry French. "This version of the Outlaw became known as 'Boomer' and is currently being used by the army for test purposes. Customer demand for increased payload weight and endurance drove the development of ER."

Griffin manufactures 40 Outlaws and derivatives per month, making it one of the highest-volume UAV builders in the world. In February, the company won a US Army award to supply the MQM-170, an Outlaw-derivative target drone.

The standard Outlaw serves as a platform for a number of derivatives, including the 'boomer' modification upon which the Outlaw ER is based. Other variants include the MQM-170 target drone, the MQM-171 Broadsword.

Source: Flight Daily News