Aircraft brokerage company Guardian Jet has launched what it says is a new, ground-breaking online aviation platform. Dubbed "The Vault", the software is set to "revolutionize brokerage and consulting for both corporations and individuals", says the Guildford, Connecticut-based company.

The Vault is a web-based platform that allows users to access every aspect of their relationship with Guardian Jet 24h a day. The Vault includes real-time access to a catalogue of products including aircraft valuations, fleet fair market values, fleet plans, market surveys, client updates for sales and acquisitions, contract negotiations, pre-purchase inspection oversight, and asset management.

"The Vault is a new chapter in Guardian Jet's leadership in consulting and brokerage," says Don Dwyer, managing partner, Guardian Jet. "We understand that today's buyer is researching and purchasing in new ways, and needs to be empowered like never before," he adds.

Source: Flight Daily News