Gulfstream Aerospace is studying re-engining or improving the powerplant of the GIV-SP business jet as part of ongoing efforts to improve the performance of the aircraft.

The manufacturer is understood to be looking at a number of potential candidate engines, including the BMW Rolls-Royce BR710, General Electric CF34 or an improved version of the Rolls-Royce Tay. Discussions with engine suppliers are focused on achieving a "several percent" improvement in specific fuel consumption over the existing engine, says an industry source.

Savannah-based Gulfstream denies that a "specific engine programme" is under way. The manufacturer adds: "We continually review a range of potential improvements and technology advancements for our aircraft. Study areas include all aspects of avionics, flight management systems, aerodynamics, propulsion and manufacturing technology."

The eight-seat GIV-SP is powered by the 13,850lb-thrust (62kN) Tay 611-8 and has a range of 7,807km (4,220nm). Adoption of the BR710 would provide powerplant commonality with the larger GV aircraft.

Source: Flight International