Gulfstream has installed more than 190 enhanced vision systems (EVS) on new and in-service business jets. The first EVS was installed on a US Air Force C-37A – a Gulfstream V -in May 2002. Early last year, the Federal Aviation Administration validated the safety benefits of the EVS in a Part 91 rule change that allows pilots to use “enhanced flight visibility systems”.
The landmark regulation acknowledges that certain enhanced vision systems are adequate for the pilot to “see” down to an altitude of 100ft (30m) above runway touchdown elevation.
EVS uses infrared technology combined with a Honeywell head-up display to turn the undistinguishable gray and black images pilots see at night or during inclement weather into sharply focused real views. Certified for over four years, the Gulfstream EVS has become the industry standard for all subsequent vision-enhancing systems.

Source: Flight Daily News