Certification of the Gulfstream G250 is edging closer following completion of natural icing testing on the second flight-test aircraft.

"The G250 successfully completed the test points required for certification including allowing ice to build up on the super-midsize aircraft's unprotected surfaces and then verifying its stability and control characteristics," says Gulfstream.

"The G250 performed exceptionally well," says Pres Henne, Gulfstream's senior vice-president, programmes, engineering and test. "During one particular flight, the crew encountered icing concentrations in excess of the regulatory design envelope. The aircraft remained in this condition for an equivalent icing exposure time of more than 50min to allow adequate accumulation of ice. Despite the extremely demanding conditions and ice accumulation on all untreated surfaces, the aircraft performed flawlessly."

Gulfstream G250
 © Gulfstream

Certification and first deliveries of the $24 million Honeywell HTF7250G-powered twinjet - developed in partnership with Israel Aerospace Industries - are scheduled for the fourth quarter.

Source: Flight International