Gulfstream resumed flight-testing of its G650 business jet on 4 December, nine days after the ultra-long-range aircraft made its abbreviated maiden flight from the airframer's Savannah, Georgia-base. Testing was halted after 12min because of "slight vibrations" in one of the gear doors, for which Gulfstream has identified a cause and is developing a fix. Certification and service entry remain on schedule for 2011 and 2012, respectively, says Gulfstream.

The latest flight lasted 1h 45min, during which the G650's handling qualities, engine operability and flap operation were tested, along with its pitot-static systems, avionics, hydraulic systems, electrical power generation and distribution, flight controls and cabin environmental and pressurisation controls.

New Gulfstream G650
 © Jon Ostrower/Flightglobal

Gulfstream says the evaluations were performed at airspeeds of up to 240kt (445km/h) and altitudes of up to 9,500ft (2,895m). The G650 flight-test and certification programme involves five aircraft and more than 1,800h of testing.

Source: Flight International