GULFSTREAM will demonstrate an enhanced-vision system (EVS) for the Gulfstream IV- SP business jet at the US National Business Aircraft Association convention in Orlando, Florida, in November. The company has selected Kollsman to develop an infra-red sensor, with the image to be shown on a Honeywell/GEC-Marconi head-up display (HUD).

Certification of the HUD on the GIV-SP is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 1996, with approval on the long-range GV to follow. The HUD will be certificated for Category II operations, with growth to Cat III capability when the EVS becomes available.

A prototype EVS is expected to be operational later this year, says Gulfstream's HUD/EVS programme manager Bob Morris. Flight-testing is planned for 1997. The EVS is being evaluated as an option for the GIV-SP and GV.

"Nearly half of the Gulfstream V customers have indicated that they want the HUD and EVS capability. They want the ability to safely lower their landing minimums at the airports they frequently use," Morris says.

The HUD is being certificated as an option on the GIV-SP and the GV. Gulfstream has orders for at least 20 systems for both types and says that the HUD significantly increases a pilot's situational awareness, and improves safety.

Source: Flight International