Farnborough just wouldn't be the same without the flying display, with its sound, fury and ever more unbelievable manoeuvres. But watching it can be hard work when the sun is bright (!) and the aircraft high in the sky above the chalet lines.

Fortunately for the flying fans among this year's corporate entertainees, Gulfstream is back with its giant Jumbotron screen to take the pain out of appreciating the display.


Modular LED

Located at the far end of the static park, facing the chalet lines, the screen comprises 25 linked modular LED arrays and allows chalet-goers to enjoy the flying without spilling a drop of their Pinot Grigio.

The screen was supplied by PSL LED Screens of Potters Bar, North London. Says PSL manager Tim Oliver: "This technology has been available for four or five years and is now taking over from the video wall as a way of presenting moving images on a large scale. I have seen as many as 100 units assembled into a single screen, though the practical limit is probably far higher."

Other programming on the Jumbotron will include images of the Gulfstream GV-SP's first flight last week in the USA. At 5hr 1min duration it was the longest maiden flight in Gulfstream history.

Source: Flight Daily News